Cat Howell – Facebook Ads That Convert 3.0

For Agencies and Freelancers Offering Facebook Ads as a Service…

FB Ads that Convert is a hands-on monthly training program that will take you from the basics – such as installing pixels and setting up your business manager – through to more advanced tactics like scaling and using UTM tracking.
Members are able to tap into a leads directory to help them grow their revenues and boost their case studies.  Bot training, global monthly meetups and same day campaign support are also perks of the membership.




No time for prospecting? Get connected with paid gigs and internships to help you beef up your case studies and revenues!


Same day campaign support to help you turn poor performing ads around – support covers eCommerce, funnels, bots, lead gen, and coaching/info product funnels


Want to charge more for your services? Industry-based training and guest monthly coaches to show you the ropes behind what’s working now and how to dominate as a Facebook advertiser.


Our mission is to help you join the ranks of the top 10% of Facebook marketers, build your confidence and to connect you with gigs and opportunities so that you too can grow your own Facebook ads business!

Charge more for your services through competency…

Take on clients with the confidence that you can deliver…

Connect you with paid gigs and internships to boost your portfolio…

Connect you with a global community to support your journey!



We’ll show you how to launch campaigns, scale results, nail copywriting for ads, assess clients, build bots, run split tests & optimize.

Consider us the secret weapon to nailing the competence you intend on using to get client results! Training processes are shared with you and you are provided with support around these – (lots of support).


So here’s what you want to know – do we actually send you paid gigs and internships?

Yes, we do. We have thousands of businesses reaching out to us each month wanting to be connected with marketers – people like you, no matter the level you’re at.

Now – here’s the catch: to protect the businesses we will assess your level of competence and according to this you will be matched with different types of clients (ie: different levels = different prices). If you are brand new you will be matched with internships to help you get your teeth cut in at low risk.

Whilst we don’t guarantee a number of leads, our members do very well from it and it’s a big reason why so many are with us for years.

The aim is so that you can focus on refining your skillset and not have to worry so much about how you will generate leads!


We are proud to offer the world’s most robust and comprehensive support for Facebook ad campaigns. Short of actually being at your 24/7 beck and call, we’re pretty fast at helping out. We roll up our sleeves and go into the accounts with you. Because sometimes what’s missing was staring right at you all along.

Consider us an investment in helping you to retain your clients for longer.


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Cat Howell – Facebook Ads That Convert 3.0: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

This content is for VIP members only, Lifetime or Monthly Starts at $15 Click here to Join Now.

Jeff Miller – The Agency Scaling Secrets Trainings And Masterclasses


What You Get:


    • Chamber of Commerce Slides

      Get table rushed like a pro and present like the expert you want to be


    • Onboarding Documents

      Get your clients spilling the beans and find problems to solve in 15 minutes.


    • Customer Research That Works

      Unlock your lead’s wallets with 5 questions and pre-test your campaigns.


    • Front Desk Appt Setting Scripts

      Get your client’s front desk closing 50% more appointments.
    • Auto Updating Database

      Keep your clients 3x longer and wow them with your dollar driven leads.
    • Prove Your Leads Are Legit

      Keep your clients 75% more often by proving what you’re doing is working.
    • Jeff & Andrews 2 Hour HBO Special

      Get behind the scenes on how we work, get results, and grow.
    • The 4 #MEC Miami Presentations

      Featuring Jeff Miller, Steph Snz, Andrew Kroeze, and Arne Giske
    • Cold Emailing Masterclasses

      The Scripts, Templates, and Tech Setup That’ll Get You 3-5 Appts A week


    • Martial Arts Masterclass

      with Jamie Eldridge


    • Massage Spa Masterclass

      With Steph Snz


    • Soap Operas Masterclass

      With Danny Velez


    • Med Spa Masterclass

      with Kris & Simon


    • Facebook Bots Masterclass

      With Mack


    • TV Masterclass

      With JR Rivas


    • Restaurant Masterclass

      with Matt Plapp


    • Holiday Ads Masterclass

      With Steph


    • E-Commerce Masterclass

      With Robert


    • VA Masterclass

      with Brandon


    • Its a  BOOK

      Written By Jeff


    • SOP & Automation Masterclass

      With Ravi Abuvala


    • Call Close Sales Masterclass

      with​ Alex Schlinsky


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Jeff Miller – The Agency Scaling Secrets Trainings And Masterclasses Contains: Videos, PDF’s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

This content is for VIP members only, Lifetime or Monthly Starts at $15 Click here to Join Now.

Traffic and Funnels – Advertising Workshop


…Without A Webinar, Complicated Funnels, or Being an “Ad Copy Wizard”


This is our end-to-end FB advertising workshop. There’s nothing else like it.

It’s the FULL training on all of the principles, frameworks, and fundamentals that have allowed us to spend over 6-figures per month… at a 4X-8X return on ad spend.

That means for every $1 we put in…

…We get between $4 to $8 (or more) back.


Here’s how we do it…



How to Pinpoint Your Most Profitable Prospects with Sniper-Like Accuracy


Everyone tells you to “know your market”.

But very few actually know HOW to do.

So I decided to DEMONSTRATE (on screen) our exact process for exhaustively investigating, examining, and analyzing your “Perfect Prospect” (before you waste time and money on ads that don’t work).

You only need to do it ONCE. And it will only take you a couple of hours tops.

But it will directly yield a lifetime of revenue and profits inside your business.

The level of detail you’ll uncover is staggering (and maybe even creepy):
When you understand your market at this level, you become unstoppable.

Research is the #1 secret behind effective and high-converting advertising.

Far too many overlook it. But not you.

You’ll love discovering:

  • ​How to filter through the Noise so you can identify the SIGNAL (the “echo”) that will open up “money pockets” with Low Competition yet High Returns…
  • ​What to do if you don’t know your “Perfect Prospect” – Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to spy on your competitor and leverage their hard work…
  • ​What to type into Google to uncover the darkest fears and deepest desires of your prospects – when you nail this, you’ll never run out of things to say that profoundly resonates with your market…
  • ​The sneaky, free, little tool the Top %1 of advertisers use to “read the mind” of their prospects – without even talking to them or running “surveys”…
  • ​How to identify and LEVERAGE the “Awareness” and “Sophistication” of your prospects, so you can confidently speak to them in a way that moves them toward working with you…
  • ​The “3 Questions” you MUST ask, to gain clarity on deeply seeded passions, their level of awareness and sophistication, plus competitors and their positioning…

Now that you know all this about your prospects, you need to write the ads – with our help…



Discover How To Quickly Write Ads That Convert (Even If You’re Not a “Copywriter”)


We break this down and make it so easy, you’ll (probably) never struggle to write ads again.

In fact, there’s an exact science behind ad copy that converts – and it’s responsible for millions of dollars in revenue inside our business.

Trust me…

When you use this “Ad Copy Formula”, you could not only increase your conversions by at least 30%…

You will also drastically reduce the number of ads you have to write, making things easier and less stressful.

In addition to all that, here’s briefly what you’ll discover in this part of the workshop:

  • ​Full “X-Ray Breakdown” of our 3 top-performing ads, each responsible for over $1 Million in revenue – and they were the easiest to write, thanks to the formula…
  • ​Plus, get the “Hidden Ad Layout” that shows you WHAT to say and WHERE to say it, in your ads, so you’ll never worry about how the heck comes next…

On top of all that, this next section of the workshop shows you how to string it all together – and build an advertising machine in half the time…


Profitable Scaling with Our Internal “CBO + MVP Method” Training

Go from ZERO to Massive PROFIT – Safely, With Less Risk, and Without Screwing Anything Up

Do you know what will bankrupt you faster than a naughty weekend in Vegas?


Trying to scale your Facebook campaigns the wrong way.

And most people think that “C.B.O”, or Campaign Budget Optimization, is a magic wand that will fix all your mistakes for you… 

But they’re doing it all wrong.

You can’t just duplicate a bunch of ad sets that look like they’re doing OK, flip the switch on C.B.O, and expect to turn on the money faucet.

If you “feed” Facebook the WRONG data (like 98% of all advertisers are…) you’ll just break the machine the moment you try to scale.

You won’t get the sales you hoped for – you’ll be begging on the streets in no time, instead.

But if you “feed” Facebook the RIGHT data – in the RIGHT WAY – then turning on C.B.O is like turning on a well-oiled money-making machine… 

Helping you go from a few sales or conversions per week… to 50+… 100+ …200+ or more – profitably and in a sustainable way.

If you’re new to Facebook advertising, this is a bulletproof method that will take you from SCRATCH to SCALE – without you needing to become a media buying pro.

If you’ve done Facebook advertising before, this is an all-weather, finger-licking-good flawless method you can use to SCALE further with even more sales, applications, conversions, whatever – with far less risk and with a lot more profit than you’ve seen before.

You’ll get the video training, PDF, a full visual map of what you need to do, and an over-the-shoulder view of what Ashton is doing to set everything up…

Yes, you will see every setting and tweak inside our Facebook advertising account! 

Inside this internal media buyer training, you’ll discover: 

  • Our proven “3-Phase MVP Method” for launching, testing, optimizing and SCALING Facebook ad campaigns – with far less risk and a lot more PROFIT than anything we’ve ever done (and we’ve spent MILLIONS on ads!)
  • ​How to quickly (and cheaply!) identify the PERFECT audience (the kind that’s most likely to actually CONVERT on your offers…) AND the PERFECT advertisement for scaling your campaigns…
  • ​The RIGHT budget to use at every step, staring with $2.50 and going all the way to $2,000+ dollars per day (and the Return on Ad Spend is always in the green for us…)
  • ​How to make Facebook do all the heavy lifting for you and tell you what the best ads, the best budget, the best audience are that will make you the most money…
  • ​Prevent “ad fatigue” with this simple strategy that takes seconds to implement – and your ads could run practically forever because of how Facebook now cycles through your creative…
  • ​And much, MUCH more…

On top of all that, this next section of the workshop shows you how to string it all together – and build an advertising machine in half the time…



How To Immerse Your Prospects with the Value They Want – And Get More Qualified Leads For You


Watch as we pull back the curtain on our best-performing campaigns and funnels. 
These have been tested, tweaked, optimized – and are proven to work.

Everything is revealed – every If/Then decision point, every piece you need, every asset, the exact steps – so you can swipe and deploy.

You’ll discover:

  • ​The flowchart of our internal decision-making process for launching, testing, and scaling highly profitable campaigns (the level of detail is insane, down to the perfect budget settings that will test and optimize your ads the right way…)
  • ​The “SUDO Retargeting” Map, that shows you exactly how to reach “Total Retargeting Saturation” on 3 fronts to achieve full engagement and move your prospects deeper into your funnel…
  • ​And so much more…

On top of all that, this next section of the workshop shows you how to string it all together – and build an advertising machine in half the time…



Attract and Win New Clients Without a Webinar (Or Complicated, Messy, and Time-Consuming “Funnels”)


This is the system we use to help our clients grow to $20k+ per month WITHOUT a webinar. It takes people who are completely oblivious to who you are… to raging, red-hot, ready to BUY from you.

This strategy frames you as a leader and someone with the answers, and “seeds” (by your language) that you have the solutions people desperately want.

Combine this with advertising and you have the perfect “feedback loop” that will accelerate your results.


  • ​The 2 vital factors that determine your success – without these, you won’t be able to get high-ticket clients – but with them, there’s no limit to your growth…
  • ​The super simple formula for spinning up Hyper Organic Ads at will – and with only 2-3 minutes of “work” – plus the exact budget to use for maximum reach and results…
    ​The quick advertising objective “trick” that side-steps the dreaded “ad tax”, helping you get more results for less money…
  • ​Watch over-my-shoulder, as I show you examples of TWO “Hyper Organic Ads” that quickly gathered the right audience who know, like, and trust us – and compelled people to take us up on our offer…
  • ​Case Study #1: See the simple, real-world Hyper Organic posts that one client spent $8,700 one – but earned back $38,200 in revenue…
  • Case Study #2: You’ll love this other Hyper Organic post from another client – and so did our client, because they spent $1,800 to promote it and pulled in $9,800 in revenue…

Frankly, with this Workshop alone, I don’t see how you can fail.

(Unless you literally do nothing, at all, ever – in that case, no one can help you, not even your mom).

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Traffic and Funnels – Advertising Workshop Contains: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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[GB – INSTANT DELIVERY] IMQueen Christina Szekeres – Fast Lane Profits

In my course I showcase step-by-step how I run a PROFITABLE affiliate marketing campaign using Facebook Ads.

It is catered for everyone even if you’re a complete beginner who have nothing to do with digital marketing OR already an intermediate/advanced performance marketer.

You’ll learn…

✅ how I select the right offers,

✅ how I do research on my competitors to model their ads and landing pages,

✅ how I create and edit the creatives and ad copy,

✅ how I add my own unique twist to the funnel and finalize a good landing page that sells AND also

✅ how I structure profitable ad campaigns on Facebook that sets you up for success right away!

✅ Also show you how I scale that money making beast using my latest tips and tricks.

Oh and did I mention the best part? It’s all proven whitehat methods, not risking your ad accounts!!    .

You not only learn all the above but

✅ also gain access to me personally every single week by tuning into the weekly group calls where

✅ I answer ALL of your questions to make sure you succeed! ☎️

Fast Lane Profits is theultimate blueprintto start your home-based anywhere in the world affiliate marketing business. This system will provide you with all the templates that you need to succeed. Anything you can think of you’ll find it in there, for example landing pages, ads, affiliate network referrals and weekly coaching with IMQueen Christina – all the tips, tricks and tools that you need to make money from the comfort of your home.

It takes about 6 weeks to complete and contains over 20 hours of high quality recorded training videos that will make you an affiliate rockstar from zero to hero.

Sales Page |  Files Size: 11.5GB

Members Exclusive: Only active MakeMoneySpy members can participate to access to this course. Please login your account to see payment links.

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Ross Minchev – Pin Ads Jumpstart

Exactly Who This Is For

This is for anyone who is currently running, or looking to start a business and wants to transform their life, build unshakable cash stream and dramatically improve their results.
This includes anyone who wants to:

  •  Start or scale an online business without wasting time and money
  •  Already have a company  and wants to scale
  •  If you are a newbie and don’t know where to start
  • If you want to learn an expert tips to give you an unfair advantage in media buying
  •  Learn how to run profitably e-commerce, affiliate marketing and lead generation
  •  Learn an additional traffic source for bringing more cash flow
  •  Discover powerful techniques that can be implemented in any online business
  •  Learn how to stand out from your competition
  •  Develop high converting landing pages
  •  Discover how to create high converting Pinterest ads
  •  Learn 6 effective media buying techniques to get more ROI
  •  Learn how to avoid your most common objections
  •  Acquire new valuable skills to secure more revenue

…in short, if you want the cheat codes to selling/converting more, at higher margins, with less work, this is for you.

And To Sweeten The Deal Even Further…
There is absolutely no risk on you!
If you’re not thrilled with the training provided in 30 days, I will not only refund your entire investment BUT I will also PayPal you $100 cash to enjoy a nice night out on me…
Apply what you discover and you WILL increase your revenue.

Sales Page

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Nine University 2.0 [GB – INSTANT DELIVERY]

What’s Included?

Nine University 2.0 ($2,997 Value)

257 Step by Step (over the shoulder style) Amazon FBA instructional videos arranged in a 7 week format.  It is designed to be watched on demand on your schedule.  The exact strategies that Kale and Taylor used to make over $4,000,000 with Amazon FBA in 2018.

And so much more…

Plus, enroll through this limited time period and you will also receive…

In just 7-weeks we’ll help you start your own Amazon FBA business from scratch, here’s how


Week One – The Foundational Bedrock of Amazon FBA

Week Two – 7 Figure Product / Brand Research
Week Three – Crafting the Perfect Product with an Elite Supplier
Week Four – Shipping to Amazon Without Hassle
Week Five – Creating a Listing that Sells on Autopilot
Week Six – Going from “A” Product to “THE” Product
Week Seven – Elite PPC Launching + Robotic Growth

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Ezra Firestone – Smart Traffic Live 2019

3-Day Virtual Summit

Do you have a traffic plan for 2020?

Join Molly Pittman, Ezra Firestone & 40+ other experts for 3 days packed with the newest strategies in paid advertising & digital marketing, all from the comfort of your home.

Increase Profits in 2020 with Smart Traffic!

2019 caught a lot of business owners off guard: ad costs went up, ROAS went down, old strategies stopped working like they used to…

Well, 2020 is right around the corner, and this time we’ll be ready!

Next year, a couple good campaigns just won’t be enough. If you want consistent, predictable growth, then you’ll need to run Smart Traffic.

Running Smart Traffic means using a dynamic traffic strategy that leverages all the other channels of your business, like email marketing, content marketing, Messenger and social media.

At Smart Traffic LIVE, we’re going to teach you what’s working best across all the top ad platforms…

And we’re going to show you how to generate the right assets for your ads, your emails, your website and your landing pages so you can profit from more revenue streams in 2020.

To do all that, we’re bringing together the top experts in paid media for 3 days of:

In-depth Trainings

on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube & More

We’re gathering 30+ experts across every major marketing channel to give us their personal business plans for how to grow a brand in 2020.

These top practitioners will tell you exactly how to generate more leads and convert more customers from your current campaigns, and give you a ton of new traffic systems you can profit from all year long.

Candid Interviews


with Our Guest Speakers

Our speakers think they’re just going to present and run? Not so fast!

We’re following up some sessions with questions from our hosts and from the audience, so we can squeeze every drop of knowledge out of these experts.


Roundtable Discussions

Breaking Down Each Session

Molly and Ezra will add to the sessions by contributing their knowledge on each topic.

They will also be joined by Smart Marketer COO Colleen Taylor and data expert John Grimshaw, who will lend their expertise on how to use these strategies to get the most value for your business.


Audience Q&A

for Advice Tailored to You!

How does Molly’s dynamic traffic strategy apply to your specific industry or market

What does Ezra think about your retargeting campaign? Ask them yourself!

Throughout the event, we’ll be taking your questions about the content and answering them LIVE on the air.

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Ezra Firestone – Smart Traffic Live 2019: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Josh Hall – Web Design Business Course


Are you a web designer wanting to build your own freelance web design business?

This is your course!

It’s your fast track to building a profitable, sustainable, successful web design business.

Learn the ins and outs of building a 6-figure web design business

Learn how to get better clients and raise your pricing

Gain the freedom to work when, where and how you want

Avoid the hassle of creating your own contracts, proposals, questionnaires & scripts

Avoid piece-mealing your business together with random, scattered resources

Avoid years of wasted time, energy and money by learning lessons the hard way on your own

This course is for:


If you’re just starting out and don’t know where to begin, this course will help you build a successful web design business from the ground up.

Side Hustlers

If you have a part time web design business or side hustle and want to take it full time, this course will empower you to make that leap to full time freelancer.


If you’re already a full time web design freelancer but want to build a true web design business, this course will help take you to the next level.

Course Overview

All lessons are videos accompanied by written posts, links and additional resources. The course contains 6 main modules with 30 lessons & 32 videos at 12 + total hours of video. Additional trainings & webinars contain 5 lessons with 5 + hours of additional video training!

Module 1 – Preparing & Setting Up Your Business

How to practically prepare and set up your web design business for success:

  • Preparing for Your Business (22:03)
  • Freelancer or Entrepreneur? (24:19)
  • Setting Up Your Business – technical & legal (12:38)
  • Setting Up Your Tools – billing, invoicing, project management, etc (23:38)
  • Solidifying Your Services (23:14)
Module 2 – Docs, Templates & Pages

The most important documents, templates, scripts, content and resources:

  • Special & Hidden Website Pages (12:06)
  • Questionnaires (30:11)
  • Proposals (26:58)
  • Contracts (17:57)
  • Invoicing + Preview of my invoicing/proposal/contract process in 17hats (25:53)
Module 3 – Sales, Pricing & Getting Clients

An in-depth look at solidifying your pricing, how to sell, how to get clients, how to weed out the bad, etc:

  • Pricing Pt 1: Pricing Rates, Models & Stuctures (33:36)
  • Pricing Pt 2: Solidifying Your Pricing (28:55 + 3:08)
  • Sales (38:42)
  • Getting Clients (42:00)
  • Funneling & Weeding Out (24:46)
Module 4 – Onboarding & Project Management

A look at how to onboard clients and effective strategies to avoid scope creep, hit deadlines and manage projects:

  • Onboarding Clients & Getting Started (25:34)
  • Collecting Content (31:53 + 12:16)
  • Managing Projects (15:42)
  • Managing (Multiple) Projects (20:25)
  • Avoiding Scope Creep (16:46)
Module 5 – Revisions, Client Training & Off Boarding

A look at how to handle client feedback/revisions, effectively train/empower your clients and how to make clients for life:

  • Previewing Your Designs (19:55)
  • Handling Revisions/Feedback (16:46)
  • Training & Empowering Clients (22:29)
  • Off Boarding, Moving Forward & Wrapping Projects Up (18:21)
Module 6 – Growing Your Business

Learn how to promote your work, retain clients, add new revenue sources, raise your rates and get better clients to help grow your business:

  • Promoting Your Work (27:26)
  • Getting Testimonials & Reviews (25:35)
  • Adding Recurring Revenue Streams (33:26)
  • Getting Repeat Work (26:25)
  • Raising Your Rates (30:00)
  • Getting Better Clients (26:59)
Module 7 – Downloads & Resources

Resources and implementation tools that you can apply to your business immediately:

  • Client Roadmap Checklist (32:49)
  • Josh’s Business Divi Child Theme
  • Course Links & Additional Resources
Module 8 – Webinars & Additional Training

These are the current additional trainings to come once course is launched and will be a training followed by a Q&A then archieved in the course:

  • How I Landed my First 15K project (57:15)
  • What I Learned going from $12k to 6-figures Per Year (58:21)
  • Staying Balanced and Profitable as a One-Man Shop (53:25)
  • Going from “Me” to “We” – Scaling Your Business Pt. 1 (57:38)
  • Building a Remote Team – Scaling Your Business Pt. 2 (1:12:36)

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Josh Hall – Web Design Business Course: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Nick Malak – Own The Gram-Your Blueprint To Dominating Instagram

Discover How You Can Achieve Financial Freedom, Online Success And Much More Through Instagram Marketing

Read On To Learn Why OWN THE GRAM Is Considered The Most Comprehensive Instagram Marketing Course Available In 2019.

This course offers value never seen before in Instagram marketing;

✅ The most in-depth Instagram agency course ever made

✅ 11 Modules plus 2 BONUS content modules

✅ The truths that most Instagram guru’s don’t want you to know about

✅ Over 100 videos and 15+ hours of personal 1-on-1 teaching

✅ I will show you how every influencer or successful brand page out there amass thousands ofNick Malak – Own The Gram-Your Blueprint To Dominating Instagram followers within days

✅ How to find, prospect and secure clients who will pay you a recurring monthly income to manage their Instagram accounts

✅ I will show you how to actually MONETIZE Instagram, as well as grow them

✅ Additional strategies that will help you in all aspects of online entrepreneurship, business and personal development

✅ Advanced ‘hands-off’ automation system that no one else is teaching, allowing you to manage hundreds of accounts with ease

I designed this course to not only be the most in-depth, step by step guide to starting your own Instagram agency. Not only to be the best growth and account monetization course. But also, to have enough detail that you will be so inspired, so confident that when you do start your agency, you will go from strength to strength and find success not only financially, but you will grow as a person and as an entrepreneur, just like I did.

What will amaze you the most is that even if you decide you don’t want to start your own agency. The contents of this course will show you how to create, automate and monetize Instagram accounts to generate you a greater than full-time income from part-time hours.

What can I teach you that others can’t?

I spent thousands upon thousands of pounds on all of the marketing courses out there, not to mention years of my life. Searching for the BIG SECRET.

I realized that some of these courses were great at teaching you how to grow accounts. But where all of them failed, was teaching how to monetize effectively. After all, the whole point of doing this is to make money, right?

Most other courses out there will show you outdated tactics to grow your accounts. I am talking about things like putting all your hopes on going viral.

But what happens when Instagram changes their algorithm again and you’re back to square one? Will you get a refund on your course? I doubt it.

The contents of my course will teach you methods which don’t depend on outdated tactics or investing money on likes, fake followers and shout outs.

My methods which have been tested time and time again will always work. They are designed to work regardless of Instagram’s algorithms and any changes that happen.


What can you expect from this course?

The world will become your oyster. Literally.

I am not just giving you access to a course, I am teaching you a skill.

This skill will allow you to make six figures from anywhere in the world.

Instagram influencers and brand pages are easily charging THOUSANDS per post.

These aren’t celebrity pages, as we all know celebrities can make well into SIX FIGURES per post.

These figures are from normal people, like you and me who have built accounts and are now teaming up with sponsors and are getting paid to promote products, giveaways and more to their followers.

Businesses will easily pay you $2000+ per month to manage their accounts for them.

Just imagine what you could do with an extra $2000 per month, week or even per day?

This is your opportunity, to invest in your dream.

It is now 2019, and we are thriving in the age of social media. This is the age where 17 year old online entrepreneurs are making more money than brain surgeons.

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Nick Malak – Own The Gram-Your Blueprint To Dominating Instagram: Videos, PDF´s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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Chi Ta – BNB University

How To Become A Profitable Real Estate Investor…Without Owning Real Estate

BNB Univeristy Masterclass
Private Facebook Group For AMS Members Only
Done For You Tools, Templates & Checklists

Bonus #1: How to optimize your Airbnb listing to rank higher
Bonus #2: How to optimize your pricing for your Airbnb
Bonus #3: How to cater to business travelers and make more per stay due to higher budgets

Bonus #4: How to secure repeat bookings on your listings
Bonus #5: How to streamline running your Airbnb business
Bonus #6: How to improve your odds of getting 5 star reviews

Bonus #7: How to separate yourself from a typical hosts and become a top earner
Bonus #8: Our furniture checklist to stage your listing the right way
Bonus #9: How to negotiate the terms and Get FREE Rent

Chi Ta’s Story

After personally experiencing owning a multi-million dollar mortgage company and watching it be completely destroyed due to a new piece of legislation in 2017, Chi set out to find a NEWway to earn income from real estate. Completely starting from scratch, he launched a profitable Airbnb business starting with one property and has earned over 7 figures in his first 9 months using Airbnb™.

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Chi Ta – BNB University: Videos, PDF´s

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