[GB – INSTANT DELIVERY] Ari Herstand and Lucidious – Streaming & Instagram Growth

Streaming & Instagram Growth

A step-by-step guide to creating real fans online with Ari Herstand.

Featuring guest instructor & independent Hip-Hop artist: Lucidious.

It’s 2020.

Your fans exist online.

You need to find them.

It’s no surprise that music discovery is happening on Spotify and the other streaming services. Yes, playlists are a driving force. And when an artist’s song gets included on a popular playlist, their streams can skyrocket overnight.

I’ve heard of artists who were able to quit their day jobs because they got included on a few hot playlists which earned them millions of streams a month (thousands of dollars a month), only to get dropped from those playlists and have to go beg for their job back when their streams dropped to virtually zero.

Because that’s the thing. Getting included on hot playlists may bring in a lot of streams (from many listeners) in a short amount of time.

But these are not your fans.

They could be. But they’re not right now. They are fans of the playlist that your song got included on. And when your song gets removed, those listeners aren’t following through to your profiles to stay in touch with you.

We are living in an era where there are artists with millions of streams on Spotify who cannot draw 50 people to their local shows.

We’ve become too obsessed with playlists. Depending on playlists for revenue is incredibly unstable. You don’t just want streams. You don’t just want monthly listeners. You want fans. Who stick with you for life – no matter the platform that’s hot at the moment.

Of course we know that Instagram is one of the best engagement tools that artists have at their disposal right now. And it’s most fans’ favorite way to keep up with (and interact) with their favorite artists. It’s hot right now. Will it be just as hot in 2 year? Who knows. But right now, it’s one of the best tools artists have to grow and cultivate their fanbase.

And it has become one of the best ways to find where your fans exist and get them into your world.

Finding your fans online is not about getting on playlists

…and hoping that people who are passively listening like the song enough to follow you.

This rarely happens.

So how do you find real fans online?

He’s on zero official Spotify playlists:

This was all done through direct marketing.

We have tested Lucidious’ strategies with a bunch of artists…

and it works with everyone. Will this kind of growth happen overnight? Of course not. It took Lucidious three years and lots of trial and error. But if you’re in music for the long haul, then you should implement these strategies.

Brassroots District went from 1,000 monthly listeners to 14,000 monthly listeners and from 150 followers on Spotify to 5,000 followers on Spotify in 8 weeks spending around $10/day on ads.

Similarly, Brassroots District went from 600 followers on Instagram to 4,500 in 8 weeks with an engagement rate of 7%.


Start now.

Stop waiting around for a label to come along and sign you. If you have no true fans, labels aren’t interested. Period.

You have to build your movement on your own first.

Then when you have die hard fans following everything you do, labels, managers and agents will beg to work with you. And then you can decide if you want to sign with them or continue on your own. But at that point, you have the power. You don’t need them. They need you.

This is what you’re working towards.

The labels haven’t implemented these strategies.

Yet. They will. But what Lucidious has done is so flexible and nuanced that labels aren’t able to keep up or move quick enough to capitalize on the tools available today.

Managers are starting to take notice. And the best ones are utilizing these strategies to rapidly excel their clients’ growth.

It’s time to make it happen.

Course Curriculum

Intro (3:15)
ATA Pro (0:44)
Lesson 1: Business Manager (5:00)
Lesson 2: Assigning Page Ownership & Admins (4:51)
Lesson 3: Setting Up an Ad Account (7:02)
Lesson 4: Navigating Business Manager (4:47)
Lesson 5: Facebook Pixel Creation (5:32)
Lesson 1: Your Music (13:41)
Lesson 2: Video (21:03)
Lesson 3: Setting up Your Profile (10:33)
Lesson 4: Creating Trackable Links (9:04)
Intro (3:26)
Lesson 1: Getting Familiar (14:05)
Lesson 2: Creating Your Audience (21:25)
Lesson 3: Spotify Growth (13:10)
Lesson 4: Apple Music Growth (5:34)
Lesson 5: Instagram Follower Growth (4:13)
Lesson 6: Spotify & Apple Music Fanlink (4:42)
Lesson 1: Analyzing Results (26:24)
Lesson 2: What to Do When Results Are Low or Cost Is High (8:28)
Lesson 1: Spotify (8:09)
Lesson 2: Apple Music (3:29)
Lesson 3: Instagram (4:30)
Lesson 1: Long Term Grown (3:38)
Lesson 2: Retargeting (15:35)
All Student Assets
Ari & Lucidious Live Q&A 5/8/19 (95:05)
Ari & Lucidious Live Q&A 6/20/19 (57:42)
Ari & Lucidious Live Q&A 8/22/19 (51:04)
Ari & Lucidious Live Q&A 10/30/19 (92:35)
Ari x Joel Eckels Live Q&A 11/13/19 (102:12)
Lesson 1: Overview (2:32)
Lesson 2: Video Views (11:27)
Lesson 1: How to Get on User Generated Playlists (27:25)

Sales Page |  Files Size: 4.98GB

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Manuel Suarez – The Catapult Ranking System [GB – INSTANT DELIVERY]



Exciting, “hot” products are EASY to rank. We all know that! All you have to do is be in the right place at the right time and you’ve got it made!

But what about the “boring”, dust-collecting, life-less products that hardly move? How do you turn THOSE into money-making machines? Is it even possible?


The Multi-Channel Catapult Ranking System can help breathe life back into a boring product, all by giving away the BARE MINIMUM of inventory in the smallest amount of time (10-14 days TOPS). 

But the real question is… is it hard? 


We put in the hard work by structuring an entire system that (1) guides a user through the entire process, (2) collects phone numbers and emails, and (3) RANKS YOUR PRODUCT whether it’s boring or not!

Plus, getting this system up and running is as simple as 1-2-3. 

1. IMPORT the flows. 

2. EDIT to match your brand. 

3. LAUNCH it!

And watch your product soar to the top of page 1 of Amazon’s search results! 

Before you take your “boring” product off the shelves of Amazon, STOP. 

Instead, light it up with the RANKING POWER of the Multi-Channel Catapult Ranking System!

We’ve helped HUNDREDS of “exciting” and “boring” products go from little to no visibility, to the top of page 1. 

Now it’s your turn. 

Are you in?

When You Sign Up Today, You’ll Get These Exclusive Bonuses!

Bonus #1:
Access to the Facebook Masters Course!

Value – $1,997
Get ready to take your Amazon business to the next level by becoming a traffic-generating expert!

Learn how to structure a content strategy, create simple Facebook ads that work, find your audience, grow your lists, build Messenger bots, grow your online presence, explode your E-commerce brand (on and off of Amazon), and utlimately, generate unlimited amounts of traffic to your offline stores!

Get instant access to the same complete ROAD MAP that Manuel has traveled himself that helped him generate over 150 million dollars in revenue both on and off of Amazon.

Bonus #2:

An Entire ManyChat Bot Built for Amazon Sellers!
Value – $5,997
Built by Certified Messenger Experts

You may have heard the saying, “The money is in the list”. Although still true, it lost a bit of its power when email open rates began to plummet.

Luckily, Messenger came along and changed the entire game.

The problem? Most people either don’t realize the value of a Facebook Messenger channel or, if they do, they don’t know how to grow their list.

We’re going to help you skip ahead of the line by giving you access to an entire e-commerce Facebook Messenger BOT built by Certified Messenger Experts. This same BOT structure is currently generating over 400K a month for just ONE of our brands.

The Messenger BOT will have everything you need to boom your e-commerce brand through Facebook Messenger. It will include Product Review Generation Flows, MENUs, Quiz flows, Survey flows, FREE PDF flows, WELCOME MESSAGES and more.

You will also find detailed NURTURE SEQUENCES with dozens of prestructured messages that you can easily edit to fit your brand. All of this, of course, will come with detailed instructions on how to do every step.

The best part? It’s basically “plug and play”. All you will need to do is import it into your ManyChat account, make a few edits, and open up the floodgates. It’s that simple!

Bonus #3:

High Performing Plug-and-Play Social Media Ads for E-Commerce Brands!
Value – $997
Let us help you remove the guesswork in ad creation!

These Facebook Ad templates have taken years of experience and thousands of dollars in testing. They include high converting copy, calls to action and a variety of formats. Just click on the link, import to your Facebook Ad account, edit to fit your brand and go!

You’ll find carousel storytelling for one product, Carousel Ads with several products in the same ad, Flash Sales, Single Image Ads, Video Ads, Presentation Ad Templates, Single-Coupon Distribution Ads and more!

PS – These ad templates are based on actual ads created and used by Manuel’s marketing agency where the current ad expenditure is just about $600,000/month..

Sales Page |  Files Size: 35GB

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Evaldo Albuquerque (Agora) – 7 Figure Copy Camp [GB – INSTANT DELIVERY]

Gain INSTANT Access to
What Some are Calling…
“The Best Copy Training Ever!”


You’re just moments away from claiming access to the 7-Figure Copy Camp

And discover a new way of writing copy that has sold over $120 million in the last two years alone.

It’s 30 modules that will revolutionize the way you write copy.


Here’s Just A Fraction Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The 2-step formula to generate million-dollar ideas. It’s so simple you’ll think it can’t be true… but it’s why people around our office call Evaldo “an idea machine.”
  • Have an idea but don’t know if it’s any good? It’s simple… if it checks these 3 boxes, it’s a good idea. If it fails to check even one of them, it’s a guaranteed bomb and you’re wasting your time!
  • How to turn any bland, boring and ordinary thing into an exciting new mechanism that will basically FORCE your prospect to open their wallet and give you their credit card.
    (Hint: one of the copywriters in Evaldo’s team used this secret to turn a failed sales letter into a huge $9,200,000+ blockbuster)
  • How a productivity hack used in every single major Navy Seal mission can help you write copy faster than you ever thought possible. I’ve seen Evaldo writing blockbuster copy in as little as one week using this trick.
  • How to write the entire structure of your sales letter in less than 5 minutes. (WARNING: once you start using this, your peers will ask you “how the hell are you cranking out so much copy?”)
  • How to instantly put your prospects in an emotional state of mind with the little-known ABT secret.
  • The 7 magic words to include in your headline. (Yes, “FREE” can be one of them, but there are so many others that will instantly boost your headline)
  • How to boost the conversion of your copy WITHOUT changing a single word ( that’s right: it’s a simple tweak you must do in your headline)
  • The one thing you MUST DO in your lead if you want your prospect to read your entire sales letter.
  • Bonus session with legendary copywriter Mark Ford…
  • And much, much more.

These are copy techniques I promise you haven’t seen anywhere.

The same secrets that have sold more than $120 million for Agora financial just in the last two years alone.


The 7-Figure Copy Camp will give you an in-depth look at the training process that Paradigm Press uses to turn rookie copywriters into 7-figure powerhouses. For the first time ever, you’ll see legendary copywriter, Evaldo Albuquerque, detail the secret copywriting process that allowed him to break sales records and bring in $80 million for Agora…


SalesPage (more info)  Archive

Evaldo Albuquerque (Agora) – 7 Figure Copy Camp Contains: Videos, PDF’

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Alex Berman – Email 10k (GB:Free)


The Email Sequence Alex Berman Uses to Book Sales Calls with Billion Dollar Brands



    • Phase 1 Product & Business Setup
    • Phase 2 Email Lead Gen Mastery
    • Phase 3 Sales Mastery
    • Phase 4 Scaling & Growth
    • You Get Our Documents


 I just did a Sunday sales call – followed the script this time based on the training and… $2,750.00 Paid instantly.”


 Thanks to your advice I was able to book meetings with the Polish branches of Honda and Proctor & Gamble!”


 Just closed 6k from yesterday. I’m literally sitting here laughing. Such a beautiful follow up.”


SalesPage (more info)  Archive Webinar

Alex Berman – Email 10k Contains: Videos, PDF’s

Direct Download Link: (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha)

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[GB – INSTANT DELIVERY] IMQueen Christina Szekeres – Fast Lane Profits

In my course I showcase step-by-step how I run a PROFITABLE affiliate marketing campaign using Facebook Ads.

It is catered for everyone even if you’re a complete beginner who have nothing to do with digital marketing OR already an intermediate/advanced performance marketer.

You’ll learn…

✅ how I select the right offers,

✅ how I do research on my competitors to model their ads and landing pages,

✅ how I create and edit the creatives and ad copy,

✅ how I add my own unique twist to the funnel and finalize a good landing page that sells AND also

✅ how I structure profitable ad campaigns on Facebook that sets you up for success right away!

✅ Also show you how I scale that money making beast using my latest tips and tricks.

Oh and did I mention the best part? It’s all proven whitehat methods, not risking your ad accounts!!    .

You not only learn all the above but

✅ also gain access to me personally every single week by tuning into the weekly group calls where

✅ I answer ALL of your questions to make sure you succeed! ☎️

Fast Lane Profits is theultimate blueprintto start your home-based anywhere in the world affiliate marketing business. This system will provide you with all the templates that you need to succeed. Anything you can think of you’ll find it in there, for example landing pages, ads, affiliate network referrals and weekly coaching with IMQueen Christina – all the tips, tricks and tools that you need to make money from the comfort of your home.

It takes about 6 weeks to complete and contains over 20 hours of high quality recorded training videos that will make you an affiliate rockstar from zero to hero.

Sales Page |  Files Size: 11.5GB

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Nine University 2.0 [GB – INSTANT DELIVERY]

What’s Included?

Nine University 2.0 ($2,997 Value)

257 Step by Step (over the shoulder style) Amazon FBA instructional videos arranged in a 7 week format.  It is designed to be watched on demand on your schedule.  The exact strategies that Kale and Taylor used to make over $4,000,000 with Amazon FBA in 2018.

And so much more…

Plus, enroll through this limited time period and you will also receive…

In just 7-weeks we’ll help you start your own Amazon FBA business from scratch, here’s how


Week One – The Foundational Bedrock of Amazon FBA

Week Two – 7 Figure Product / Brand Research
Week Three – Crafting the Perfect Product with an Elite Supplier
Week Four – Shipping to Amazon Without Hassle
Week Five – Creating a Listing that Sells on Autopilot
Week Six – Going from “A” Product to “THE” Product
Week Seven – Elite PPC Launching + Robotic Growth

Sales Page (more info)

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[GB – INSTANT DELIVERY] Chris Evans and Taylor Welch – Traffic and Funnels – Client Kit

“How We Generate High-Ticket Clients Using Paid Traffic and a Simple 2-Step Funnel”

These two geniuses have assembled a great course that will help you build a high quality funnel that will enable you scale your business to the moon.
In order to get the most out of this course, it’s important that you have a business currently generating revenue.

Chris and Taylor aren’t teaching you how to do a skill so much as they are taking an advisory role in helping you assemble an inbound flow of prospects to blow up your pipeline.

Who would get the most out of this course?

A business owner who really wants to grow his or her service. Chris and Taylor are brilliant consultants, excellent at providing insight and advice on how you can bring more clients on-board.

You’re Going To Learn…
How To Get People To Apply To Work With You In Droves! (And pre-qualify them using Facebook ads)…
A simple trick that allows you to show your ads just to buyers (so you don’t waste money on Facebook ads!)…
The fastest way to scale a service, consulting, or coaching business WITHOUT having to “work more hours” – using our “automated client-filtration system”
An exact copy of our simple funnel you can plug into your business to start booking clients from paid advertising
Tons more but running out of room here 
What to Expect in this Course
This course covers how to build a funnel and how to scope it in to your specific type of prospects.
Beginning with the End Goal in Mind (Deciding Which Service to Funnel Prospects Towards)
The Process to Develop Your Customer Avatar
Customized Coaching
Constructing Converting Webinar-Serviced Funnels
Streaming Prospects via Facebook Ads
Automating Your Business to Live the 4 Hour Work Week
Module 1: Zero in on 1 Result (Focusing on a Single Service)
Module 2: Zero in on 1 Target Audience (Developing Your Client Avatar)
Module 3: Build Your Feeder System (Creating Webinar Funnels)
Module 4: Turn on the Faucet (Setting Up Your Paid Traffic)
Module 5: Automate & Leverage Your Time (Using Systems that Run 24/7)
Bonus: 5 Steps to The Mindset You Need Growing from 0 to a Million in Months not years

Sales Page |  Files Size: 5.92GB

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Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine 11 [GB – INSTANT DELIVERY]

Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List

What you will learn:

How to build your products opportunity.
Get started with Amazon marketplace,
Seller central overview and the requirement.
Setting up Amazon seller central account & guidelines,
How to build a brand and not t just a Product.
Also, in this module, you will get access to the 7 Elements of a Hot Product Opportunity, the simple steps to Product Selection System and adding your competing Products to your opportunity List and more.

Module 2: Suppliers, Samples and Professional Online Presence.

The overview of the second module

It is a crucial aspect of Amazon business, and most Amazon seller got it wrong which affects their profit margin. But, with ASM, you don’t need to worry.

How to discover your profit merging
How to understand Amazon’s Fees,
Creating a Professional Online Presence,
An easy way of finding and contacting Suppliers with their Proven Templates.
The simple steps to calculating the cost of any Product
How to get samples for your product opportunity and more.
Module 2 gives details about how to make your product listing stand out from from the Amazon listings and how to avoid pitfall to find great suppliers for your product.

Module 3: Ordering Inventory and Creating Your Brand

This is where you will learn more about ordering your inventory and how to create your brand.

Choosing the best supplier and getting the highest profit Margin.
How to order your first Inventory
The steps to ASM brand name creation Process
How to purchase your UPC (Universal Product Code)
Product Listing, designing and packaging
Not only that, in this module, they will show you the easiest way to create your Powerful brand logo, There are more things to learn such as guide to automatic List Building, the real Power of Package Inserts, how to determine whether to ship by Air or by Sea, simple way to placing your first Inventory order and more.

Module 4: Create Your Brand Assets

This module will show you the easiest way to build your brand assets and ensuring launch success. Also, you will learn how to set up social medial for your eCommerce business.

Setting up a Facebook Page for your business
Building a YouTube channel for your brand
Creating a Pinterest board for your brand.
Setting up your first lead Page
Building your customer list:
Setting up an auto-responder account
This module is full of in-depth information on how to build brand assets and take your business to the next level.

Module 5: The Perfect Product Page

This module talks about product listing and walks you through the step by step of creating high converting product listing.

Here is what you will learn:

Creating an appealing and irresistible Amazon product page with the Perfect Product Page system.
Strategic keyword research
Creating a traffic-grabbing product title
How to close the sale with an exciting product description and high-quality product images
How to tactically prize your product to maximize sales and profits
How to get automatic Amazon product reviews using an email autoresponder series
Not only that, they will show you the secrets to product pricing to maximise your sales.

The amazing part of this module is how easy to accomplish keyword research to enable you to sort all keywords that easily rank on the search engine as well as a title that crab the attention of the customers.

Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch

Now, it is time to LAUNCH your first product to the top of Amazon with proven LAUNCH AND RANK system that works.

This module deals with proven steps to successfully list your products on Amazon marketplace.

How to prepare your first FBA shipment
Strategies on how to use Amazon coupons and giveaways,
Not only that, you will get access to their simple strategies to get targeted traffic and conversion using Amazon and some other powerful traffic platforms to boost your product up in the Amazon rankings.

Another helpful part of this module is the pre-launch checklist provided which can greatly help you to launch successful products.

Module 7: Access To Advanced Traffic and Marketing Tools

They walk you through the steps to take your business into the NEXT LEVEL with the advanced marketing strategies and tools.

In this module, they walk you through the daily maintenance needed to run a profitable and successful Amazon FBA business through content and email marketing.

Here is what they cover:

The secrets to getting more customers and turn them into raving fans,
How to measure and scale your Amazon business profits.
Using Amazon Lighting deal
Tips to get more results from Amazon Ads

Module 8: Scale Your Business to the Next Level

Lastly, in Module 8, you learn how to SCALE your business into the next level.

How to leverage your brand and customers you acquired to double and even triple your Amazon business multiple times per year by simply adding more HOT products to your brand.

With this system, you can EASILY increase the success of your business and learn everything in this module.

In this module, you will learn about:

Managing your inventory
Scaling your Amazon FBA business
Launching more products to increase profits
Going Global
There are more to learn in these components BUT for the sake of our time. The next component is the mentoring Program.

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Kevin King, Helium 10 – Freedom Ticket 2.0 [GB – INSTANT DELIVERY]

Sales Page (more info) | Archive | Size: 17.3 GB

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2 web optimization Juggernauts Come Collectively for the Most Badass Advertising and marketing Occasion on the Planet… web optimization Rockstars + NFG web optimization = A Thoughts Numbing Takeover!

Sales Page (more info)

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